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Visualize it. Design it. Make it Happen.

Crea’tif Method Design

Visualize it. Design it. Make it Happen.


Creativity comes naturally to me.

While growing up, my mother didn’t allow us to watch television. This led to my becoming a voracious
reader, constantly feeding my imagination and creativity.

As a young girl playing with Barbie Dolls, I chose not to play with the Barbie Dream House. I built fabulous Barbie “mansions” using our Encyclopedias! These “mansions” had elaborate staircases and ballrooms!

By the time I was in ninth grade, I was designing the storefront windows at our local women’s clothing store.

I didn’t have a lot of time during my college years for creativity!

My first complete redecorating project was in Manchester, Connecticut. A recent widower needed a fresh start with a complete home makeover. I was not quite 25 years old.

My interior design business really took off in 1996, in Metro Atlanta within the Walker School Community, however I had been doing some smaller interior design projects as early as 1986, all over the Atlanta area.

During our time in the Walker School community, I coordinated all of the Walker School Fine Arts luncheons and events. I must say, the Walker School Fine Arts Events were not your average school events! With a team of wonderful volunteers, we literally transformed a variety of school areas into magical places! I visualized a New Orleans Street Party, we created paper mounted to wood, street people standing! I envisioned a garden party, we had a wooden trellis! A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, we had dozens of artificial ficus trees, smothered with firefly lights.

That is when I realized I can… Visualize it. Design it. Make it Happen.

The first wedding I coordinated was back in the 1980’s. A friend I had gone to high school with asked me to coordinate her wedding. Following that, a couple of years later, a co-worker asked me to coordinate her daughter's wedding, things have simply blossomed from there.

Since then, I have designed events for just about every occasion. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversary's, Children’s Parties, Retirement Parties, Holiday Dinner Parties, Intimate Dinner Parties, Book Clubs. The list is endless!

Since March of 2019, I have accepted the challenge of creating a phenomenal space for the Foster Children of Cobb County, Georgia. This has been the largest, and most ambitious project of all! I must say, it has been the most rewarding project, to date. Not only rewarding, due to the fact that this is for our Foster Children, but rewarding in the sense of using my creativity!

I would love to invite you to a complimentary consultation to discuss your dream event, or plans for your home! We can discuss your vision, ambiance, style, we can visualize it, design it, and make it happen!

I will work with you to seamlessly to design your home, or design and implement your next event.

Method Design

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